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Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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It is a kind of professional software for searching and selecting e-mail address. It specially searches e-mail box address from the internet, with powerful search and selection ability. It supports search of website, forum, and key words. The system will immediately and automatically search and get e-mail address as long as you input a website or a keyword. It is very easy.

Main characters:

1. It adopts automatic operation and no professional knowledge is required. Inputting a website or a keyword and clicking the starting button will begin the collection;

2. It is available to appoint to search only one website or forum instead of web pages of other websites quickly;

3. It adopts advanced multithreading technology to allow the users to set thread number freely. It has no doubts to set 5,000 threads as long as your network speed is fast enough.

4. Virtual download technology won't download content of website in your computer;

5. The IP can be regularly and automatically switched during the sending process in case that the IP is stopped so that the sending is unavailable;

6. The maximum link index of each server can be set and the system will automatically balance the allocation of the connecting network in case that the IP is stopped;

7. The collection state can be stored automatically. You can also stop the collection at any time and store it, and continue working from the point when you start working next time;

8. It automatically examines repeated and disqualified mail boxes and deletes them on a timely basis;

9. Email box bulk import and export, supporting common formats such as text, EXCEL, FOXPFO, Access and XML;

10. Fast sort and output of the mail box can be realized by fuzzy search and collocating copies;

11. It supports the maximum web page search amount index of each website and when reaches the maximum amount index, it stops searching the website;

12. It supports the maximum web page search amount index of each website


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Star Email  Spider 9.45 Free Download screenshot